Management Programs

Wildlife Management Specialists

Wildlife management is our primary business at Critter Control of Tallahassee. Our team of experts combines extensive education and experience with a genuine concern for animal welfare, making our programs some of the finest, well-rounded wildlife control programs in the Florida panhandle region. Some wildlife management situations require permits and licensing for effective removal. When working with protected animal species, it is necessary to follow specific rules to properly manage the wildlife problem. Our licensed wildlife specialists are courteous and professional, and will help you deal with your wildlife problem in a safe, timely and humane manner. 

Different wildlife pests require unique solutions for management and control. The problem posed by raccoons, rats or squirrels infesting your attic may seem the same, but each animal requires a different approach to trapping, removal and prevention. The wildlife management programs at Critter Control of Tallahassee each include a plan tailored to most effectively address the animal invading and/or damaging your home. Call Critter Control of Tallahassee today for more information on our wildlife management programs.